The Work Clothing Group has been awarded ISO 14001- the international environmental standard for business.  As an ethically guided company we're over the moon to be recognised as an environmentall friendly business- as are all of our partners.  So you can buy environmentally friendly protective clothing from an environmentally friendly distributer!!  

The Work Clothing Group ( is a successful and growing family run business that specialises in the design, supply and distribution of a wide range of work clothing products for a similarly wide range of business customers.

Based in Newbury, Berkshire the company was founded by present owner and Managing Director Tim Sandford in 1997. It was originally named as Trading Solutions, focussing for many years on bespoke corporate work clothing solutions for major, blue chip clients such as Vodafone and Williams BMW.

By 2008 the company was also successfully offering comprehensive ranges of both general workwear and specialist workwear and the decision was taken to rename the company as The Work Clothing Group. This  group structure reflects the wide range of work clothing now supplied and has allowed for the creation of different divisions within the group that focus on their own particular area of work clothing.

At present there are two main trading divisions, each with their own micro websites accessible either directly or via the group’s corporate website. These divisions are:

-  Performance Work Clothing ( offering a full range of quality, highly functional workwear.

- Specialist Work Clothing ( a comprehensive range of protective workwear for working environments where Health and Safety concerns are of paramount importance.

Today, the Work Clothing Group handles over 10,000 garments each month to customers ranging from Interserve, which has over 40,000 employees, to self employed craftsmen. Most of our customers are UK based, but we also have many overseas customers too. Whatever their size, industry or specific needs what these customers have in common is a requirement for “work clothing that works”, and that is what the Work Clothing Group pledges to deliver “with a smile”.

 What we stand for

 At The Work Clothing Group we pride ourselves on the excellent quality of our product and service delivery, and on our outstanding customer relations. We also believe in being transparent about our aspirations as expressed in our “vision” and “mission” statements (the “vision” is where we’d like to be and the “mission” is what we need to do to get there). So, here are our current vision and mission statements… we encourage our customers to give us feedback on how we are doing against them!

 Our Vision

“To be the preferred choice supplier of work clothing in the UK”


Our Mission

“To supply well designed functional work clothing that meets our customers’ needs and to build long term relationships by understanding their requirements and by providing excellent customer service”