Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I have a different delivery address to billing address?

Answer: At the present time, for security reasons, the delivery address will be the same as the billing address, but if you would like your order sent to a different address please call us.

Question: What happens if the clothes I've ordered don't fit?

Answer: Please note that we provide a size guide on the website, and all customers should ideally look at this before making a purchase.

Please return goods using the Returns Form which is sent with your delivery. The goods must be returned within 7 days by Recorded Delivery, in its original packaging and in a resaleable condition in accordance with the Returns Policy in the Terms and Conditions.

Question: What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

Answer: Either send us an email at with your contact details or give us a call and we will reallocate you a password. You are also able to retreive your password using the website.

Question: Who or what are Pioner Fristads?

Answer: (for further information and copies of certificates please contact us and ask for Tom, our technical expert.

Question: Why is the clothing at the top end of the quality scale?

Answer: Fristads has ISO 9001 certification.

In everything Fristads does, it endeavours to create quality with regard to the products, manufacturing and business relationships.

Fristads has ISO 14001 certification.

Fristads works systematically to limit the company's impact on the environment.


The majority of Fristads' products are certified according to Oeko-Tex. Oeko-Tex is an international standard which guarantees that no substances used in the manufacturing of the different parts of the garments are hazardous or injurious to health. For more information, see Environmental certificates on


There are different requirements placed on the properties of materials depending on the occupational group. By working closely with fabric manufacturers Fristads develop materials that correspond to the various requirements for, e.g., FAS®, CORD, AD, PR54 and FLAM.

Own design

Functional, comfortable and attractive garments are the result of precise development work. The basis lies in a long tradition, know-how and collaboration with users. The design department can also develop and adapt collections for companies with special requirements.

Achieving quality

It is impossible to take any short cuts if you want to achieve top quality. Many products may look alike, but on closer inspection there are big differences. Fristads' founder John Magnuson had as a motto "Twice the wear is half the price". This concept is still valid.

Question: What about product development and production?

Answer: Product development

An important part of product development is to listen to those who use the clothes every day. Fristads "test people" make it possible to modify and improve products continually according to new requirements, which arise in everyday work.

Fristad's production

Fristad has about 1400 dressmakers in its factories. Workwear trousers such as FAS-255K pass 25 people and go through 50 different phases before they are inspected and packed.

Lab tests

Abrasion resistance, tear and tensile strength, colour-fastness and shrinking are some of the tests that are carried out in the laboratories. Fristads continually check the materials using the same methods as IFP Research and other independent test institutes.

Question: Is the Colour on the screen exact?

Answer: Please note that colours on the web page are a representation of the actual garment's colour and therefore should you need an exact representation then contact The Work Clothing Group for swatches or discussion.

Question: Garment Care, is it important?

Answer: Garments should be cleaned and looked after in accordance with the manufacturer's label.

Question: What are Swedish Sizes?

Answer: Swedish sizes are very different to other sizes and in fact they are more extensive and cater for a wider range of physical types. Please refer to the sizing table on the web site to compare UK sizes with Swedish. Your order will be placed using the Swedish method.

Question: What if I have a complaint?

Answer: Please see Terms and Conditions and Returns Policy.

Any other query or complaint should be made to:

The Work Clothing Group
Registered Office Unit
Unit B, Castle Industrial Park
Pear Tree Lane, Newbury
RG14 2EZ
Tel: 01635 527300
Fax: 01635 522811

Question: Can I have the clothing with logos and brands?

Answer: The Work Clothing Group is a company specializing in the design and supply of branded corporate workwear. If you wish to have your clothing customized to your own requirement then please contact The Work Clothing Group Ltd at the above address and contact points. Also, see